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Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE Specifies Sustainable Studor System
To provide a sustainable solution, the Studor System was specified for installation at Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi, because it allowed for flexibility and simplicity in design, whilst also significantly reducing the amount of materials (pipework) required.Nation Towers on the Abu Dhabi Corniche is a spectacular development comprising:
• High-rise, residential apartments and penthouses
• First class office spaces
• A chic boutique-style mall
• The deluxe St. Regis Hotel, incorporating the Nation Riviera private beach club.
A unique feature of the two towers is the Sky Bridge that connects both buildings, making it the world’s highest interconnecting bridge. Wherever possible, Nation Towers has been built with environmentally friendly, low emitting and regionally available products.The Studor System was chosen because it provides superior drainage ventilation performance over other comparable conventional systems, which incorporate excess use of pipes. These substantial material savings reduce the quantity of pipe and the associated CO₂ emissions to produce and transport this pipe to site.Using the Studor System increased the sustainability of Nation Tower’s drainage ventilation without the need for roof or surface penetrations, thereby improving the thermal integrity of the building whilst also making substantial savings in time, materials and labour costs.The Nation Towers project involved the installation of:
• 1897 Studor Mini-Vents
• 119 Studor Maxi-Vents
• 1 Studor Chem-Vent
• 172 Studor P.A.P.A. units
The Studor System design significantly reduced the quantity of pipe, compared to a conventional design, by over 36,000 metres. It also enabled the number of stacks to be dramatically reduced from 51 to 15 for Tower 1, and from 24 to 12 for Tower 2. Due to the specialised Studor design, the velocity breakers and relief vents were also eliminated from the vertical stacks.
The Nation Towers case study can be viewed in more detail via a downloadable PDF, under our reference projects section on the Studor website, or via the Studor blog.