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139 ``Seeing is Believing`` 테스트 ... 관리자



영국의 노스햄턴이란 곳에서 5월 18일 에서 21일 까지 4일간 스튜더 제품과 시스템에 대한 현장 실험이 시행 되었습니다. 세계에서 가장 높고 큰 노스햄턴의 높이 127m 의 타워에 스튜더 제품과 100mm 투명 PVC 입상관을 설치하고 60lit 의 물을 흘려 보내고 중간 중간에서 통기밸브와 파파의 작동을 직접 육안으로 또 계측기로 확인하는 실험을 시행하였습니다 많은 관련학계와 산업계의 인사들이 참관한 가운데 치러진 이 실험을 통해 재래식 배관 방식의 통기방식의 문제점을 확인하고 또 스튜더의 능동적 통기방식의 우수함을 눙으로 확인하는 행사가 되었다고 합니다. 아래내용은 실험과 관련한 기사 입니다

18-21 May 2015 - Northampton, UK
Yet again Studor has broken new ground – this time with the reproduction of a drainage system in what is believed to be the tallest tower in the world used for the purpose of testing the drainage system. The National Lift Tower is a 127m (418ft) research and development facility located in Northampton. The drainage system has been installed in the fire escape shaft of the building to provide physical dynamic testing of active drainage ventilation.

Over the course of the 4 days, more than 70 building regulation inspectors, consultants, international developers, M&E contractors, main contractors and public health engineers from across the UK, as well as with Polypipe Terrain’s Technical & Design team, witnessed live tests which demonstrated without doubt that the Studor System / Terrain Pleura System (comprising of air admittance valves and the P.A.P.A.) is more than capable of protecting the water trap seals throughout a reproduction of a real drainage system of a high rise building – proving the science that is the basis of the Studor System. The development of this test rig highlights the ongoing educational role that Studor plays throughout the industry.

The guests witnessed tests with high water discharges over 3-5 locations with up to 60 litres of water discharged into the system in less than 15 seconds in a 100mm stack. The introduction of solids was simulated using a variety of items including sausages, beef burgers, wet wipes, tampons, sanitary towels, toilet roll and cat litter.

Clear pipe and coloured water, AAVs with clear caps, and P.A.P.A. units with a cut-out were installed so the action within the drainage system could be clearly seen. To measure the response of the system, manometers and Dyteqta’s Pressure-TEQ were used to collect data.

The construction included additional pipework with valves which could be used to “turn off” the Studor System and “turn on” a conventional vent pipe system. The test involving the high water discharge clearly illustrated that the Studor System functioned much better than the conventional vent pipe system. In fact, on one of the days there was a very obvious trap failure at sub stack level when the conventional vent pipe system was activated.

The testing was fully interactive and at the end of each day the guests made suggestions on what could be included in the following day’s testing. There was very positive feedback from all who attended, including many requests for further testing sessions to enable absent colleagues to witness it.

The “seeing is believing” test rig was the result of weeks of hard work by Tony Hill (Studor’s Technical Sales Engineer), supported by the team from Polypipe Terrain. Over the four days of live testing, Tony was supported by Steve White (Studor’s Technical Director) and Daniel Rath (Studor’s Technical Sales Director) – they each took up different positions on the drainage system, explaining to the guests what was happening at each location and answering the resulting questions.

The National Lift Tower team were excellent hosts throughout, and also allowed the guests the opportunity to climb to the very top of the tower and experience the amazing view.

Look out for our blog in the coming weeks which will include additional detail and videos of the testing…